Jul 272008

Oakland A's Business Card

Twenty-seven down, three to go. We’ve parted ways with Florida, the East Coast and are headed west to mess with Texas after surviving Bourbon Street.

Troy has written a new blog titled “The business card that changed everything.” Troy takes a moment to reflect on his personal pastime, and the chance encounter with a professional scout that shaped his childhood obsession with the Oakland A’s. The business card pictured above was given to Troy when he was 7 years old, and we ask anyone who knows what became of this man to send us an e-mail. Troy goes into greater detail in his new blog.

We were stunned by the devastation still evident in New Orleans three years after Hurricane Katrina. Still photography is not the focus of this project, but we’ve posted a few new photos from New Orleans here that don’t quite do justice to what we witnessed. But we have a lot of video footage that we’ll share … eventually.

We also had another basecrawl moment and lifetime first. Shortly after passing the 15,000-mile mark, we entered Houston and promptly ran out of gas on the interstate. As we sputtered to a stop on the side of the road, we both looked at each other and said, “BaseCrawl.” For us, this word has become synonymous with “FUBAR.”

On deck is our date with the Houston Astros and their zany fan clubs.