Jul 282008

Houston Astros Documentary

Some baseball fans have an incredibly odd way of expressing their love. Such is the case in Houston where we were directed by folks on the message boards toward three unique Astros fan clubs: The O’s Bros, Los Caballitos and The Little Pumas.

We made it our mission to explore the topic of fan clubism during our stop at Minute Maid Park. We found The Little Pumas’ website before arriving in Houston and met them before the game. Daren then became an impromptu member of their club, donning a puma outfit and having one of his more interesting experiences at a baseball game. He writes about it in his new blog: “Welcome to Texas … now go home!

Baseball Road Trip to HoustonAt the game we also were able to connect with the fine gentlemen known as Los Caballitos. They wear sombreros, ride stick horses and root for Carlos Lee. Check out their MySpace page here and an article we found on them here. More on them to come when we put together our video pod …

Unfortunately we were not able to connect with The O’s Bros, the loyal fans of Roy Oswalt. They’re known for sometimes wearing wizard robes and performing a famous strikeout dance every time their favorite pitcher gets another K. Oswalt was pitching this night, but we were told the core members of The O’s Bros were out of town. Sorry we missed you.

The Astros ran away with a 5-4 victory over the Reds, but once again we closed this chapter of our baseball road trip more pleased with the friends we made and the times we had. Troy has posted some pictures from Houston here, and we’ve compiled a few more here. The Little Pumas also posted their own blog about meeting us here (but you must log in to MySpace to view it).

We’re headed to Dallas to eat some cookies …