Jul 222010

After a long break, we are back with fresh installments of the BaseCrawl documentary series. Last year, we released 1 hour and 20 minutes of material in 10 installments. This series resumes one-third of the way through the basecrawl.

As this baseball road trip steers toward Minneapolis and a date with the Minnesota Twins, our basecrawlers stop at a cornfield in Iowa to check out the Field of Dreams. This detour to the site of the storied baseball film begs a great question: Is this the greatest baseball movie ever? And if not, what is?

Armed with these questions, our travelers hit Minneapolis and turn to Twins fans to end this debate.

Jun 202008

Metrodome Documentary

So you thought he had gone home? Think again. Pictured below is the one and only Nolan Rice in Minneapolis outside the Metrodome.

Actually, Nolan is no longer with us on this basecrawl, but he spent the past few days updating his blog and  photo gallery. He wrote about his experience in San Diego here and his reunification with Beth in Denver here.

Nolan Rice in MinneapolisIf you’re new to this website and our project, you probably don’t know that there were originally three of us on this baseball road trip. Now there are two. You can catch up on all the drama by reading Nolan’s take on the situation here, Troy’s here and Daren’s here.

But that’s all water under the dome now.

Day 28 took us to the Metrodome where we watched the Twins beat Randy Johnson and the Diamondbacks by a score of 7-2. We spent our time before the game interviewing Twins fans about baseball movies (which will be the subject for this chapter in our baseball documentary). Troy has posted a few new photos of the game here, and Daren’s added a few here.

Daren and Troy have also posted new blogs. Daren covers the Gateway Arch and camping in Wisconsin while Troy shared a few thoughts on being in the middle of nowhere, and loving it.

The day after the Twins game, we drove from Menomonie to Slinger, Wisconsin. Along the way we met two smokin’ hot bartenders in Madison and agreed to post their picture here for no real reason at all. Just because they’re hot.

We’ll be back with another update tomorrow.