Nov 032009

We saw a lot of street musicians during our baseball road trip across America, but Busch Stadium produced something we hadn’t seen: four men playing the same instrument.

These competing saxophone players presented a clear opportunity to satisfy our curiosity. What inspires a street musician to perform for baseball fans? How much do they make? What’s their story?

Each of the 30 ballparks we visited had a distinct personality, and the saxophone players we spoke to helped tell the story of Busch Stadium, as well as highlight the rhythm and blues scene of St. Louis.

Jun 172008

Filmmakers in St. Louis

So the turgid Royals did the unthinkable tonight, beating the hometown Cardinals by a score of 2-1 in St. Louis.

The BaseCrawl crew has been in Sullivan, Missouri for the past three days and two nights catching up on sleep and hanging out with Troy’s old newspaper buddy Will Sites, now the editor of the Sullivan Journal. We spent today in St. Louis, visiting the Gateway Arch, talking to saxophone players and enjoying Busch Stadium. Look for us to blog on that soon …

We’ll be shipping out tomorrow for the Field of Dreams in Dyersville, Iowa before catching a Twins game Thursday.

Daren posted a new blog today on the perils of traveling. It’s his first blog in seven days, and not surprisingly it’s more about the human condition than baseball. Daren covers several topics including Midwest weather, file extensions and what it’s like to travel with a Major League Asshole named Troy.

We’ve covered more than 5,000 miles so far on our baseball road trip and it’s taken us through several strange places, including Goodland, Kansas. You can see Daren pictured just below a giant replica of Vincent Van Gogh’s “Three Sunflowers in a Vase” painting in Goodland right here. The folks in this small city claim the easel is the
largest in the world.

They’re probably right, but we’re not sure anyone cares.