Jul 132008

Baseball Protest

Our basecrawl has gone into overdrive. We recently attended five games in six days, putting 1,184 miles on our odometer as we covered both New York teams, Boston, Pittsburgh and the Washington Nationals. We would not recommend this itinerary to anyone, and if we could do it all over again we probably would have found another way. Ugh!

Pittsburgh Pirates Road TripTroy has posted a new blog on our activities in Washington, D.C. After watching the Nationals get blanked at home, we headed toward our nation’s capitol to protest and record footage for our forthcoming video. We urged our leaders to ban the designated hitter, say yes to contraction and make it strike four, you’re out. You can read more about this in “Exercising our rights.”

We wrapped up our reunion with Nolan, an original member of our crew who rejoined us for three games on the East Coast. Nolan has posted two more photo essays he calls blogs about watching his Red Sox lose at Fenway and fulfilling his childhood dream of seeing the Boston Garden.

Visiting Fenway ParkAfter Nolan left for Idaho, we drove a grueling 10 hours in one day (on three hours’ sleep) to Pittsburgh to watch the Pirates win an amazing come-from-behind victory over St. Louis. We spent some time in a boat on the Alleghemey River during the game for our upcoming video, then caught another “nap” before driving 247 miles the next morning for the Nationals’ day game. Ugh!

Our vehicle was impounded in Washington, D.C. after we left it for six hours in a two-hour zone. This left us stranded in our nation’s capitol for one night, but we eventually found an expensive hotel that absolutely destroyed our lodging budget. We were also the beneficiaries of a $100 fine for the whole ordeal. Daren discusses this incident and a few other things in his most recent blog.

There are lots of new pictures in all of our photo galleries (although we’d like to remind everyone that we’re videographers, not still photographers). Nolan has posted oodles of pictures of his girlfriend in Boston, New York and New York. You can also see photographs from Pittsburgh and Washington here and here.