Jul 222010

After a long break, we are back with fresh installments of the BaseCrawl documentary series. Last year, we released 1 hour and 20 minutes of material in 10 installments. This series resumes one-third of the way through the basecrawl.

As this baseball road trip steers toward Minneapolis and a date with the Minnesota Twins, our basecrawlers stop at a cornfield in Iowa to check out the Field of Dreams. This detour to the site of the storied baseball film begs a great question: Is this the greatest baseball movie ever? And if not, what is?

Armed with these questions, our travelers hit Minneapolis and turn to Twins fans to end this debate.

Mar 292010

One summer, three friends set out to do what many baseball fans only dream of. They went on a mission to attend one game at each Major League ballpark, using their journey as a platform for journalism, storytelling and a series of documentary shorts. It’s an adventure best described as a “basecrawl.”

Last season, we released 1 hour and 20 minutes of material in 10 installments, covering our journey from Seattle’s Safeco Field to St. Louis’ Busch Stadium. With Opening Day upon us, the series resumes with new installments from our baseball road trip. These short-docs profile characters, present ideas and explore themes related to America’s Pastime. They are linked together by one epic journey.

We’ve been busy updating our Facebook page in recent days, adding our best photos from Oakland Coliseum, Kansas City’s Kauffman Stadium, San Diego’s Petco Park and all the rest. If you enjoy following updates on the BaseCrawl series, you can follow our updates on Twitter, too.

Nov 032009

We saw a lot of street musicians during our baseball road trip across America, but Busch Stadium produced something we hadn’t seen: four men playing the same instrument.

These competing saxophone players presented a clear opportunity to satisfy our curiosity. What inspires a street musician to perform for baseball fans? How much do they make? What’s their story?

Each of the 30 ballparks we visited had a distinct personality, and the saxophone players we spoke to helped tell the story of Busch Stadium, as well as highlight the rhythm and blues scene of St. Louis.

Oct 212009

Take a look at Brad and Kyle. These guys are among a distinct group of college baseball fans who love the College World Series, so long as they don’t have to watch any baseball. They’d just as well play Beat the Meat.

The College World Series draws a strange mix of fans like Kyle and Brad to see the eight remaining teams in NCAA baseball duke it out for a national championship. Aside from the stereotypical beer-drinking college boys, the event draws thousands of Nebraskans and Iowans who are plenty interested in watching the games. They just love baseball more than they do any particular team.

Our journey to Omaha’s Rosenblatt Stadium was a nostalgic visit for Troy. This is where he rekindled his love for baseball watching his alma mater win national championships in 2006 and 2007. Although the Beavers had been eliminated at the time of our visit, their storied three-year run left a lasting imprint on Omaha.

Oct 092009

Nolan’s gone, but the basecrawl continues …

We were certainly surprised by what we found in Kansas City. The woebegone Royals were circling the drain as usual, yet you wouldn’t know it looking around from your seat at Kauffman Stadium. The fans had more life and enthusiasm than Billy Mays.

If we hadn’t known any better, we’d have thought we were watching a team in the pennant race. Royals fans stick by their team with a strange mixture of pride and embarrassment.

Stop No. 8 on our baseball road trip also presented a unique opportunity to visit the Negro Leagues Baseball Museum. Located in the historic 18th & Vine district of Kansas City, the NLBM showcases a rich part of American history, but also reminds us of baseball’s segregated past.