Oct 092009

Nolan’s gone, but the basecrawl continues …

We were certainly surprised by what we found in Kansas City. The woebegone Royals were circling the drain as usual, yet you wouldn’t know it looking around from your seat at Kauffman Stadium. The fans had more life and enthusiasm than Billy Mays.

If we hadn’t known any better, we’d have thought we were watching a team in the pennant race. Royals fans stick by their team with a strange mixture of pride and embarrassment.

Stop No. 8 on our baseball road trip also presented a unique opportunity to visit the Negro Leagues Baseball Museum. Located in the historic 18th & Vine district of Kansas City, the NLBM showcases a rich part of American history, but also reminds us of baseball’s segregated past.

Sep 232009

Planning a 10-week, 17,000-mile road trip through 40 states is a massive undertaking. This basecrawl — a quest to see one game at every Major League ballpark — happens to be framed around three weddings, one for each of our travelers.

No sooner has the game in San Diego ended when our basecrawlers begin an all-night push to Denver so Nolan isn’t late to a rehearsal dinner and a reunion with his girlfriend. Game No. 7 takes our team to Coors Field and a battle of the beers. Everyone appears to be riding a “mile high,” but stunning news is about to completely alter the nature of this baseball road trip.

Sep 082009

Ever wonder why certain people root for certain ball clubs? Or why a baseball fan’s sex drive fluctuates with the ups and downs of his favorite team?

As the quest to hit all 30 ballparks in one season continues, our basecrawlers use their stop at Petco Park to take a look at the science of fan behavior — both psychologically and physiologically.

The San Diego Padres are playing Daren’s beloved Mets, and our native New Yorker sees his mood swing like a batter taking a hack at a Jake Peavy fastball.

Aug 312009

The Dodger Dog is one of baseball’s most notorious franks, and our basecrawl connoisseur is eager to sample this and rank it against the other hot dogs he’s devoured.

Nolan is famous for his gargantuan appetite, and as he and his friends tackle game No. 5 on their baseball road trip Nolan takes on the entire Dodger Stadium menu with a comical — and critical — look at the cost of ballpark food.

This video features an appearance by Bryan Mansell, a lifelong friend of Troy’s who hosted us for two nights in Los Angeles. Mansell, a musician who performs under the name Milking Gecko, wrote and recorded the song “Happy Go Lucky,” which we adopted as our BaseCrawl theme.

“Happy Go Lucky” plays in most of our videos, often as the outro but sometimes in its entirety (see also: Angel Stadium). “Happy Go Lucky” can be downloaded by following this link to Beta Records.

Aug 182009

Pushing down the California coast, the next stop is Angel Stadium where a monkey rules supreme and our travelers drift back to a time when baseball was a child’s game.

Feeling nostalgic, our basecrawlers — all former card collectors — head to a modern-day baseball card show in an attempt to reconnect with the past. They’re surprised to learn just how much the trading card industry has changed since the Tom Seavers gave way to the Tim Lincecums, and boys grew up to be men.

Troy writes more about the baseball card show in a blog titled, “What Happened to my Baseball Cards?” Daren touches on the Rally Monkey in: “It’s not just a monkey; it’s the Rally Monkey.”