Game 7 Coors Field: Battle of the beer teams


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Planning a 10-week, 17,000-mile road trip through 40 states is a massive undertaking. This basecrawl — a quest to see one game at every Major League ballpark — happens to be framed around three weddings, one for each of our travelers. No sooner has the game in San Diego ended when our basecrawlers begin an all-night push to Denver so Nolan isn’t late to a rehearsal dinner and a reunion with his girlfriend. Game No. 7 takes our team to Coors Field and a battle of the beer teams. Everyone appears to be riding a mile high, but an unexpected event is about to turn this basecrawl on its head.

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Nolan abandons the ballpark adventureAfter Nolan drops a bombshell on his buddies — one that will fundamentally alter thee BaseCrawl project — he tries to explain his reasoning in a blog that might cause you to stop scratching your head.

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Nolan fails to complete the baseball road tripTroy weighs in on the Nolan situation, their friendship and pontificates the end of the days when the best road trips were guys-only mancations.

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Nolan abandons tripDaren finds a creative way to add his 2 cents: “We’ve been Yoko Onoed.”

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