Game 4 Angel Stadium: Monkeys in the Outfield


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Pushing down the California coast, the next stop on this basecrawl is Angel Stadium where a monkey rules supreme and our travelers drift back to a time when baseball was a child’s game. Feeling nostalgic, our basecrawlers — all former card collectors — also head to a modern-day baseball card show in an attempt to reconnect with the past. They are surprised to learn just how much the trading card industry has changed since the Tom Seavers gave way to the Tim Lincecums, and boys grew up to be men.

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baseball card industry todayOur basecrawlers dropped in at a West Valley Mall in Tracy to check out an event billed as a baseball card show. Troy writes a blog comparing the shopping mall card shows of today with the romantic era of collecting he remembers as a child in “What Happened to my Baseball Cards?

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Rally MonkeyDaren, meanwhile, buries the lead but gives some quality ink to the Rally Monkey in “It’s not just a monkey; It’s the Rally Monkey.

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