Game 3 AT&T Park: McCovey Cove is a splash (hit)


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The San Francisco Giants offer some of baseball’s most peculiar spectacles, including the “splash hit” and the kayakers who lurk around AT&T Park. For this third stop on their baseball road trip, our basecrawlers jump into the San Francisco Bay in an attempt to score a rare and valuable souvenir. A splash hit is a home run that clears the right-field fence and lands in a pocket of the bay known as McCovey Cove. The lengths some ballhawks will go to obtain one combines a high degree of innovation and obsession. Meanwhile, it’s hard not to see just how much the departure of Barry Bonds has affected on the mood in San Francisco, especially at one local business where game-day rentals have taken a dive as fewer balls splash into the bay.

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Baseball RoadtripAs Troy was filming his two friends paddling through McCovey Cove, he bumped into a man standing on the edge of the bay with a baseball mitt and a fishing net. “Joe Dirt” stands at this spot 82 days a year, waiting patiently for a baseball to splash his way.

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BarryBondsDaren writes about his experience at AT&T Park and how it compares to Oakland Coliseum in a blog titled “Battle for the Bay.

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