Game 1 Safeco Field: The BaseCrawl Begins


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Three friends set out on a 10-week road trip to all 30 Major League ballparks. The first chapter of this basecrawl takes our travelers to the Pacific Northwest and the home of the Seattle Mariners. For one basecrawl participant, it’s a return to his childhood pastime. But the ballpark that shaped his fondest baseball memories has been replaced by something strange, new and “retro.”

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Beginning the Baseball DocumentaryWhen people caught wind of our basecrawl, a common response was: “You’re doing what?” In this blog Daren attempts to explain the method behind the madness of planning to see a game at every Major League Baseball stadium in a season.

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BasecrawlersOn a similar note, Troy discusses what he believes might be “The Last Great Adventure” among three best friends straddling the invisible threshold between youth and adulthood.

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