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  1. Hey Basecrawlers- I’ve watched each of the 11 vids you’ve posted exactly twice, and will probably watch a couple of more for good measure. I absolutely love them, as well as each of your blogs and just the concept itself. I have a dream that’s kind of similar to yours in that it involves cross-country travel and a sport. I’ve been planning and scheming to travel around the country playing pickup basketball at various Y’s, parks, rec centers, or wherever people regularly play. I don’t have Troy’s journalistic pedigree, or Nolan’s math skills, or Daren’s, ummm… charm(?). What I DO have are questions. I’ll try to limit them to a just a few.
    1) If you were to do this trip all over, what would you have done differently?
    2) What was the recovery period like after the last game?
    3) How much research did you do leading up to the trip?
    4) Financial question- Roughly how much did you go over budget? …. I’ve got many more, but will leave it at that. Thanks for doing this project and putting it out so schmucks like me can watch fellow sports fans and froth at the mouth with jealous envy.

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