About This Series


We’re three guys who found a way to pull off every baseball fan’s ultimate fantasy: We embarked on a mission to attend one game at every Major League ballpark in a single season. It took us 75 days, 17,000 miles, 38 states and several cases of beer.

The Idea

At first, this basecrawl was just a wild idea for a vacation. But at some point we decided spending the time and money necessary to pull it off deserved a legacy beyond a colorful scrapbook. Ultimately, we decided to make this journey a platform for journalism, storytelling and a series of short-form documentaries — the ultimate mixture of business and pleasure. Troy Foster, a former newspaper reporter and editor, formed a media company to be the vehicle for BaseCrawl. Daren Many, an ecologist between jobs, planned the logistics and Nolan Rice, a math professor, provided some comic relief.

Documentary Camera

The Story

We used our basecrawl as the backdrop for a bigger story — a story that’s not so much about baseball as it is people. From a storytelling standpoint, our interest was never the games we saw, the pennant race or the players on the field. It was the people who bring America’s pastime to life — people like the four saxophone players we met outside Busch Stadium, the zany fan clubs we encountered in Houston or The Guy who watches every Indians game from a rooftop. These short-docs profile characters, present ideas and explore themes related to baseball culture. They are linked together by one epic journey.

The Execution

We were guided by our sense of adventure, our sense of humor and our humility. We never took ourselves too seriously, nor did we attempt to draw a lot of attention while we were touring these ballparks. If you’ve made your way to this site, we hope you look around, laugh, cringe and maybe learn something, too — especially if you’re planning your own basecrawl.

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