Aug 312009

The Dodger Dog is one of baseball’s most notorious franks, and our basecrawl connoisseur is eager to sample this and rank it against the other hot dogs he’s devoured.

Nolan is famous for his gargantuan appetite, and as he and his friends tackle game No. 5 on their baseball road trip Nolan takes on the entire Dodger Stadium menu with a comical — and critical — look at the cost of ballpark food.

This video features an appearance by Bryan Mansell, a lifelong friend of Troy’s who hosted us for two nights in Los Angeles. Mansell, a musician who performs under the name Milking Gecko, wrote and recorded the song “Happy Go Lucky,” which we adopted as our BaseCrawl theme.

“Happy Go Lucky” plays in most of our videos, often as the outro but sometimes in its entirety (see also: Angel Stadium). “Happy Go Lucky” can be downloaded by following this link to Beta Records.

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