Jul 012009

All 30 ballparks in one season

We’re experiencing a minor rain delay, but are only a few innings from releasing our series of short-form documentaries on America’s 30 Major League ballparks. We have more than an hour of material ready to go, plus more in development. We know these docs have been a long time coming, but you’ll be able to find them right here within a matter of days.

In the meantime, if you’re new to this site or considering doing a basecrawl of your own, we’d like to point you two places. The first is a recent story on basecrawls titled “Heaven, hell and the ultimate baseball road trip.” Bob Harkins, baseball editor at NBCSports.com, did a feature on how to see all 30 Major League ballparks in one season, covering everything from planning your route to how to pay for it. Mr. Harkins interviewed several recent basecrawlers for the story, which you can find right here.

The second place we’d like to draw your attention — as a primer for our soon-to-be released videos — is to a little collection of stories from the road. While the three of us were traveling the country last season, watching baseball and exploring our pastime’s hidden layers, we wrote several stories from the road that provide a snapshot of what you can expect to see in our video project.

We got together, discussed our favorites and came up with the following recommendations:

1. The best seats come to those who wait
2. Ranking all 30 ballparks
3. The business card that changed everything
4. How to be a Little Puma
5. ở đâu Là Xe jíp (của) chúng ta?
6. Those are saxophones in St. Louis
7. An Idiot’s guide to scalping
8. Battle for the Bay
9. Exercising our rights
10. Coming Home
11. And then there were two