Apr 222009

Baseball Roadtrip Map

Welcome back to BaseCrawl! This site remained dormant during the off-season, but we’re back to deliver the goods on a project we began a year ago.

To our past visitors, sorry we haven’t written in a long time. If you’ve just recently wandered to this site, here’s the skinny. We are three very ordinary dudes who pulled off every baseball fan’s ultimate fantasy: we hit all 30 Major League ballparks in one season. And, like some other basecrawlers out there, we documented our baseball road trip and created a website to package it as a new media project.

Our basecrawl was somewhat journalistic in nature. You can learn more about our project here. The fruit of this labor was approximately 30 video segments on the people and places of America’s pastime, and we plan to debut these short docs beginning in May. We’ll roll as many of them out during the course of the 2009 Major League Baseball season as we can, hopefully in the same spirit as our original basecrawl.

We’ve made several improvements to this website during the off-season. You can cycle through all our updates by clicking the links on the right-hand sidebar, or the thumbnails on the left-hand sidebar.

We’ll have another update or two before the videos debut, including one on our ticket scalping fiasco.