Sep 162008

We have two BaseCrawl updates today.

First, Troy has written a new blog titled “I thought I had seen it all …” He reveals EXACTLY how much it cost to gas up a vehicle and drive it 17,000 miles to every Major League ballpark in one summer. He also writes about the secret to pulling off a baseball road trip on a relatively small budget, and all the people who made it possible. This blog features a slideshow, too, that you can find right here.

The other update, of course, is our second trailer for our forthcoming series of documentary shorts. We were not short on inspiration or motivation, but as we dove headfirst into new territory, all three of us found video journalism more challenging than expected. This teaser reveals some of the challenges we met, the stupid mistakes we made and the overall buffoonery involved in stumbling through something for the first time. In a way, it also underscores the challenges we still face as we attempt to put it all together in the editing room.

Here’s the description for the video:

“Three friends — a math professor, a freelance journalist and an unemployed ecologist — set out to chronicle a basecrawl through all 30 Major League ballparks in one summer. But the inspiration and motivation driving their documentary is tempered by technical problems, poor preparation and a general lack of experience. Yet they didn’t let little things — like learning to use their camera — get in the way of their attempt to bring humor, insight and a unique perspective to America’s storied pastime.”

You may notice that our Videos tab at the top of this page is now working. You’ll eventually be able to scroll through all our videos there. These videos are currently being hosted on MySpace and  YouTube, and may be found elsewhere shortly. Expect most of our video pods to be hosted by Current TV, the pioneering user-powered network that’s democratizing journalism and filmmaking.