Aug 022008

Rangers Six Shooters

What is the fastest way to the heart of a Texas Ranger? It might be chocolate chip cookies, or snickerdoodles. At least that’s the impression we got after spending some time with The Cookie Lady, pictured above with three members of the Rangers Six Shooters.

We ignored our original itinerary and took our time getting to the Dallas area, arriving three days behind schedule to watch the Rangers lose to Toronto, 6-4. But no matter, once again it was the amazing people we met and the interesting things we learned.

baseball road tripIn this case it was Shirley “The Cookie Lady” Kost, her husband, Cal, and their famous cookies. Shirley’s been baking cookies for Texas players for about eight years now. She’s a fixture at Rangers’ BallPark where she uses her season tickets to share cookies and joy with everyone around her.

We believe you can tell a lot about a baseball player by the cookies he eats. For instance, did you know that Ian Kinsler prefers snickerdoodles? Or that Frank Catalanotto’s favorite cookie is pineapple/pecan¬†combination with carmel icing known as the “Cat’s Meow?”

Or how about Josh Hamilton, the rising star with the big guns and the big bat? Take note, kids: Hamilton always requests oatmeal raisin from The Cookie Lady.

We’ll have more on Shirley and her husband, Cal, after we finish our video on baseball in Texas. In the meantime we’ve posted a few more mediocre photos, including some from the largest urban bat colony in North America and others from the game in Arlington.

It’s off to Phoenix and our final stop on this basecrawl.

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