Aug 262008

We are proud to unveil the first video associated with the BaseCrawl documentary series. We don’t mean to be a tease, but this is just a sneak peek of our project. There’s a second teaser trailer on its way, too, that we’ll post soon.

If you’re curious, all the footage you see in this teaser was shot with “Gobbles,” the name we assigned Camera No. 2. It contains no footage from “Timmy,” our name for Camera No. 1. We’re still busy converting that footage to a digital format.

The videos are coming … eventually. They’ll begin appearing here concurrent with the 2009 baseball season, possibly as early as spring training. There will be one video associated with each game we attended during the summer, for a total of 31 (including the College World Series). But these short-form documentaries will not be about the games themselves. They’ll be about the people we met, the stories we heard and the baseball culture we observed. Each pod will range between 5 and 12 minutes. If you want to see an example of the style and format, feel free to check out a non-baseball video Troy submitted to Current TV regarding the 2008 election here.

In other BaseCrawl news, Daren has written a heartfelt eulogy to the trip, reflecting on his emotions and thoughts now that our journey is over. It’s called “I hate hot dogs” and gives subtle clues to his current whereabouts. Also be sure to check out his rankings of all 30 ballparks.

Again, if you’ve made your way to this site and followed our adventures, we cannot thank you enough. Please stay tuned …

Aug 042008

Best Friends and Baseball

Three friends began this journey May 24 in Missoula, Montana. Two finished it Aug. 4 in Phoenix, Arizona. After watching the Diamondbacks pummel Pittsburgh, Daren and Troy completed the first part of the mission: attend one game at every Major League ballpark in one season.

Arizona is a relatively new baseball team. So we spent the day asking fans: “Who was your favorite team before the Diamondbacks?” As you can imagine, the answers varied widely, and with each team mentioned we were able to reflect on our journey. This will be the subject of our last video in our documentary series. Daren also reflects on all the parks we’ve seen by ranking them in his latest blog: “Wait! It’s Over?

baseball road trip to ArizonaOur project has gone through many incarnations, beginning as a wild idea for a vacation, then manifesting itself as a platform for journalism, storytelling and a series of short-form documentaries. We pooled our resources, drained our bank accounts, charged our credit cards and went on the most amazing adventure of our lives. But this really isn’t the end.

The quest is technically over, but the mission is just beginning. There will be a few updates in the next few weeks as we go through our footage and assess a plan to release our videos. We are very appreciative of everyone who has taken an interest in our little project, enjoyed our scrappy photo albums and followed our updates and read our blogs. We’ve had so much fun doing these things, but this is actually a video project. And that part of BaseCrawl is now getting under way.

We met great people, saw incredible places and heard amazing stories. We can’t wait to bring these to you in moving pictures.

In the meantime, we’re still blogging. Again, don’t forget to read Daren’s eloquent ranking of all 30 parks here. Who’s No. 1? Is it PNC Park or Yankee Stadium? All our photo galleries are up to date, too, including a few new pictures from Chase Field.

We’ll be back shortly with some more closing thoughts, a summary of how much money we spent on gas (the most asked question we get) and updates on the progress of our project.

Thank you for following our journey.


Daren, Troy (and Nolan)

Aug 022008

Rangers Six Shooters

What is the fastest way to the heart of a Texas Ranger? It might be chocolate chip cookies, or snickerdoodles. At least that’s the impression we got after spending some time with The Cookie Lady, pictured above with three members of the Rangers Six Shooters.

We ignored our original itinerary and took our time getting to the Dallas area, arriving three days behind schedule to watch the Rangers lose to Toronto, 6-4. But no matter, once again it was the amazing people we met and the interesting things we learned.

baseball road tripIn this case it was Shirley “The Cookie Lady” Kost, her husband, Cal, and their famous cookies. Shirley’s been baking cookies for Texas players for about eight years now. She’s a fixture at Rangers’ BallPark where she uses her season tickets to share cookies and joy with everyone around her.

We believe you can tell a lot about a baseball player by the cookies he eats. For instance, did you know that Ian Kinsler prefers snickerdoodles? Or that Frank Catalanotto’s favorite cookie is pineapple/pecan combination with carmel icing known as the “Cat’s Meow?”

Or how about Josh Hamilton, the rising star with the big guns and the big bat? Take note, kids: Hamilton always requests oatmeal raisin from The Cookie Lady.

We’ll have more on Shirley and her husband, Cal, after we finish our video on baseball in Texas. In the meantime we’ve posted a few more mediocre photos, including some from the largest urban bat colony in North America and others from the game in Arlington.

It’s off to Phoenix and our final stop on this basecrawl.