Jul 222008

Tampa Bay Baseball Road Trip

Pictured above is Dennis “The Menace” Shrader. He has a lot of balls, literally and figuratively. Before we saw the Rays lose 8-1 at home to Troy’s A’s, we visited Schrader’s home in St. Petersburg for our upcoming video on what drives people to collect things — in this case, baseball things.

Schrader collects autographed baseballs. He has more than 3,000 of them — the largest private collection in the world. His balls have been autographed by seemingly everyone, including Babe Ruth, Marilyn Monroe, Joe Dimaggio and Fidel Castro. Schrader and his wife, Mary, were two of the more interesting people we’ve met on our baseball road trip and we can’t wait to show you why. You can learn more about Dennis and his collection at www.littlecooperstown.com.

Baseball Road Trip to FloridaIn the meantime, Daren has posted two new blogs. His first, “Quiet down everyone! I’m watching the scoreboard” recounts our experience watching the Marlins get smoked by Atlanta, although Daren wasn’t paying much attention to the game on the field. (By the way, the home team has lost the last five basecrawl games). Daren also writes about his childhood memories of Florida, and how acting young keeps you young in “I think I saw Figment on Bourbon Street.”

As always, we met many great people in Florida. Nicole and Kevin put us up — and put up with us — for two nights in St. Petersburg. Thanks guys! We also said farewell to our impromptu BaseCrawl member, Emily Rice, who brought us much joy and comic relief during our five days together. Might there be a love story developing here? Wait for the video.

New pictures are everywhere, and our map is up to date. Photos from Atlanta can be found here, Tampa Bay here and a few Marlins photos here.

We’re now headed to a place where the stars at night, are big and bright.

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