Jul 202008

Baseball Road Trip to Camden Yards

We recently checked game Nos. 24 and 25 off our basecrawl list, watching Baltimore and Atlanta choke at home. We’re entering the homestretch of filming and collecting information for our quasi-documentary project. Editing looms …

Troy has written a new blog on how he’d rather have an Oriole on his shoulder than dirty Sox on his feet. Troy, who was sketched by an artist at Camden Yards, wore his Tigers jersey to the game unaware — at first — that Detroit was the visiting team that day. He compares this experience to wearing the Tigers jersey around White Sox fans at U.S. Cellular Field where … well … just read about it in “I’d proudly wear an Oriole on my shoulder.”

Atlanta Braves Baseball DocumentaryWe have picked up a new BaseCrawl crew member to bring us back to three. Emily Rice has picked up where Nolan Rice left off, and we couldn’t be happier (there is no relation between these Rices). Emily is Troy’s grad school classmate. She’s been with us for four days, accompanying us to Turner Field where she watched her favorite manager get ejected for a record-setting 141st time. Oh, and her favorite team lost 15-6 against the woebegone Nationals.

Troy has written another new blog that covers Emily joining our team and the quirks of Southerners. It’s called “Southern Hospitality and my date with Moonshine.” Don’t forget to click the links on that one. A special thanks goes out to Maureen and Marshall Rice for putting us up for two nights and showing us an incredible time.

As always, we’ve updated our personal photo galleries. You can find some pictures from Baltimore here.

More to come …

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