Jul 092008

Save the Apple Documentary

Nolan Rice, an original member of our project, recently re-joined the BaseCrawl crew (in person) for a three-game stint on the East Coast. As expected, he brought his girlfriend and spent most of the time shopping for flipflops instead of watching baseball or hanging out with his buddies. But we still love the guy and enjoyed sharing him with Beth for a few days.

Yankees SuckNolan resumed his blogging/photo essays duties. Our favorite math professor reports on watching the Mets beat San Francisco at Shea Stadium, what it’s like to walk into Yankee Stadium wearing a Red Sox jersey and more about Beth, Beth and Beth.

We are way behind on updates but are determined to catch up. A LOT HAS HAPPENED recently that we’ll be discussing in the coming days. Daren has posted a new blog offering apologies to several of the people who have made this basecrawl possible by putting us up in their homes.

Our individual photo galleries have been updated, so if you’re interested in peeking ahead beyond this update, check out Nolan’s recent photos here, Daren’s here and Troy’s here.

We also have gone to great lengths to improve and update our MySpace site. If you’re interested in seeing our videos as soon as they’re released, send us a friend request and we’ll send them to you via bulletins. Another way to be notified about this stuff is to subscribe to our RSS feed at the top, right-hand corner of the page.

We’ll be back soon with more updates.

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  1. Hi Guy, this good blogs, thanks

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