Jul 062008

Cooperstown Baseball Roadtrip

We’ve had a very, very busy 10 days and are behind on updates. Expect several in the next few days. Where to start? Well, we hit two famous baseball museums in three days, attended a wedding in Upstate New York and watched Daren’s Mets lose again in rainy Philadelphia (the Mets are 0-2 when Daren is present).

baseball road tripWe’ve been shooting footage over the last few days for a video on baseball nostalgia. On a related note, Troy has written a new blog “Exploring a different kind of pastime.” He covers some interesting footnotes on our visit to the Negro Leagues Baseball Museum, the Louisville Slugger Museum & Factory, our stroll through the Hall of Fame in Cooperstown (pictured above) and what it’s like to discover a best friend’s pastime.

A few new photos from Philadelphia and Cooperstown can be found here and here. Daren has posted some new photos here and here, too.

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