Jul 022008

Baseball Documentary

We recently checked game No. 17 off our basecrawl list. We spent a cool, calm Wednesday evening in Cincinnati, watching the home team lose yet again and enjoying the view from “Club Red” in center field at the Great American Ball Park.

baseball road tripPictured above is Troy holding a sign at Club Red that says “from.” In case you’re wondering, the BaseCrawl crew has been writing one word on a dry-erase board at every game. When this journey is over there will be two complete, 30-word phrases that will play like sticky-note animation. Each word will appear with a different ball park as the backdrop. If you’re really bored, you might even be able to figure out most of the phrases right now by checking out Nolan’s flickr photo gallery, Troy’s Webshots gallery, Daren’s Smugmug gallery or our combined Picasa and MySpace albums. Sorry, this fad didn’t make our Facebook gallery.

Troy has published a new blog that he promised several people. It explains why we were quiet for many days and covers some of the weird things that are happening to our bodies. But this truly is the final word about how hard it is to be us.

If you want to know how much harder it can be to attend one game in every ball park, check out the new link we’ve posted titled “Thirty on One.” We met Cary Freels and his crew earlier on this journey. Cary has been riding a motorcycle to every Major League Baseball stadium this summer, raising money for the Livestrong Foundation. But unlike us, he’s doing it in 40 days, not 75. And he doesn’t have anyone to help him take the wheel.

We’re off to the Louisville Slugger Museum, then it’s a game between the Phillies and Daren’s Mets on Independence Day.

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