Jun 292008

Empty Seats

We recently passed the halfway point on this baseball road trip, and to mark the occasion Daren has written a new blog ranking all the ballparks we’ve visited so far. Who’s No. 1? Is it McAfee Coliseum or the Metrodome? Find out in “There’s still 15 stadiums to go?!” And don’t get upset if your favorite stadium didn’t make the list, we haven’t seen them all yet.

*UPDATE: Now that our ballpark tour is over, Daren’s blog has been revised to include rankings of all 30.

baseball road tripOur basecrawl has taken us to our first foreign land, but likely not our last (we intend to hit a minor league game in Mexico). We spent 24 hours in Toronto, visiting the cavernous Rogers Centre and wondering where did all the people go? We spent the night in a college dorm room before hitting the CN Tower the next day. You can see Troy’s pictures from the Toronto game here, and Daren’s here.

The trip back to the States took us by one of the coolest sites we’ve seen so far: Niagara Falls. We still haven’t found out the cost of Daren’s scalping citation, but the Verizon Wireless fraud department did call to inform us of a $730 bill for nominal use of our wireless Internet card while we were in a foreign country. We use the Internet card to update this website and send e-mails to Nolan to remind him he’s a wuss. We refuse to pay the Verizon bill, and if they come after us we’re going back to Canada.

We are now in Columbus, Ohio, staying with a close personal friend: Melanie.

On deck: Cincinnati.

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