Jun 282008

Best seat in the house

Game 15 of our BaseCrawl marked the halfway point of this journey. We dragged our feet getting into Cleveland’s Progressive Field, and spotted a man watching the game from the most unusual vantage point. He invited us to join him, and our experience watcing the game from a rooftop (shown above) is the subject of Troy’s latest blog: The best seats come to those who wait.

The Guy impersonates NolanTroy cleared the cobwebs and also wrote a second blog after an 11-day break. He adds his perspective to the incident where Daren was nearly cuffed and hauled off to jail for ticket scalping. The blog is titled: Is this guy really the problem? Don’t forget to read Daren’s original take on getting busted by the Chicago police in An Idiot’s Guide to ticket scalping.

For our forthcoming video pod, we spent the day exploring the topic of fireworks and the unfortunate controversy surrounding Chief Wahoo that tempers Cleveland’s place in America’s pastime.

In other updates, Troy has posted a few new pictures from Cleveland that accompany his latest blog.

We’ve also spent some time over the past few days correcting and restoring our archives. You can cycle through the entire history of this project many different ways, including searching the category “Road Diaries.” But for now you can also catch up on all our basecrawl ups and downs here:

5.27 BaseCrawl Begins
5.29 Oakland lays an egg for the Blue Jays
5.31 Now that’s baseball in the bay
6.1 Angels win with a rally (monkey)
6.2 Ballpark food for thought
6.5 Goodbye Nolan, West Coast
6.9 Many, many miles later … only two remain
6.12 What a Royal mess
6.15 Is there a baseball game in Omaha?
6.18 Now that’s music to our ears
6.21 Little Big Metrodome
6.22 It’s Miller Time with Brewers fans
6.24 Detroit and a bad case of fatigue
6.26 Father knows best (about the Cubbies)
6.27 Cops bust Daren in scalping sting

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