Jun 272008

Chicago White Sox Documentary

This is not a joke.

BaseCrawl’s very own Daren Many (pictured above with citation) was apprehended by undercover cops Friday outside of U.S. Cellular Field in Chicago and nearly hauled off to jail (or so they threatened).

The game featured the White Sox vs. the Cubs — storied crosstown rivals who created a hot ticket. We’ve been to 14 Major League Baseball stadiums so far, and everywhere we’ve gone we’ve noticed scores of so-called “scalpers” day-trading tickets and playing the margins.

So we decided the subject of our storytelling here should be ticket scalping. We decided to partake in emersion journalism to accomplish this task, and when Daren attempted to sell extra tickets we had bought on Stubhub — which, ironically, were more expensive than what Daren was selling them for — Daren was accosted by four cops who were none to happy.

Daren was wearing a wireless mic, and the whole confrontation was caught on tape, including some terse language and some tense moments. You can read Daren’s detailed account of the confrontation in his latest blog: An Idiot’s Guide to Scalping Tickets.

In the end, Daren was just fined and released, but the officers took his two tickets and replaced them with another kind of ticket — one that might cost several hundred dollars.

We’ll eventually have more to say on the other events surrounding this White Sox blowout, but right now we’re too busy trying to figure out how to pay for this mess …

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