Jun 262008

Curse of the Billy Goat Documentary

We have had a great time in Chicago so far. First off, Troy’s father (pictured above) is here. He decided to get in on the action and flew out from Portland, Oregon to join us for two games, including the Cubs-White Sox game we’ll be seeing Friday (June 27) on the Southside. Eldon Foster is a life-long Cubs fan who lived near Wrigley Field when he was attending DeVry Univeristy in the 1960s.

The subject of our journalism here is baseball superstitions. Before the Cubs game, we spent Wednesday exploring downtown Chicago, talking to baseball fans about curses and seeing what they’re all about at the famous Billy Goat Tavern.

Chicago Cubs DocumentaryTavern owner Sam Sainis and son Bill were incredibly gracious hosts to us at their incredibly famous bar. They met with us — once again — on relatively short notice and served up a few of their trademarked “Cheezborgers,” which were made famous by a certain Saturday Night Live sketch from the 1970s.

Like we mentioned in our previous update, this two-person BaseCrawl crew has been feeling a little fatigued lately because of our intense travel itinerary. Yet we found some time Wednesday to relax on the streets of Chicago, where we soaked our feet in Lake Michigan, took a stroll to the top of the Sears Tower and generally contemplated how good it is to be doing what we love.

Unfortunately, the hometown Cubs had to ruin everything by losing like the Cubbies of old by a score of 11-4 to Baltimore. But we met some great fans at the game, who were celebrating their 100-year anniversary. And afterward we headed down to Harry Caray’s.

We’re not sure we believe in curses, but after we realized our stop at Wrigley Field was the 13th game on our basecrawl, it made us wonder.

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