Jun 242008

Tigers baseball road trip

We’re still very, very busy shooting footage for our forthcoming series on America’s 30 Major League ballparks and a possible long-form documentary. But lately the two of us still filming this project have begun to feel a little fatigue from traveling.

Our Detroit experience underscores this. We were in and out in a blink of an eye, bagging our 12th game but feeling like we didn’t get to soak up Detroit like we had the past 11 cities. We didn’t even get to try the famous chili cheese fries two friendly Tigers fans John and Lisa recommended to us (see picture above).

Downtown DetroitNeither of us have blogged in days, either. But for now you can check out a few new pictures here and here. Don’t miss the picture of the relatively well-known actor sitting just a few seats away from us in the nosebleeds.

We focused our Detroit video pod on the carnival-like atmosphere that accompanies some of Major League Baseball’s newer stadiums. But this was also a time for us to take a moment of personal reflection, and we spent some time on film going over the trials and tribulations of doing a basecrawl. We discussed finances, traveling fatigue, gas prices and everything in between.

Oh, and the curse of the BaseCrawl raised its ugly head as the home team lost again.

We hope to find some time over the next few days to write about some of the crazy things we’ve seen over the past few days, so stay tuned.

For now, it’s time to head back to the windy city we blew through just the other day. Watch out, Chicago.

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