Jun 222008

Documentary on the Brewers

Brewers fans sure know how to party. We spent a good portion of our Sunday hangin’ with them in the parking lot of Miller Park, tailgating at a level we had not seen since the baseball hooligans we met at the College World Series. Then the party moved inside where Karli and Blair (pictured above) asked: Who’s your Brewer?

It was a sold-out game in Miller Park. We watched the Brewers belt four homeruns and snag five double-plays on their way to dispatching the Orioles 7-3. Then we headed outside and spent some time shadowing autograph seekers for our forthcoming installment of our baseball documentary. Shannon and Katy gave us tips on how to meet players and score autographs, but we failed miserably.

30 ballparks in one seasonNolan continues to rear his ugly head at these baseball games. Even though he left our journey two weeks ago, he posted a new blog today on his experience in Denver before he wussed out and went home. The pictures associated with this blog speak louder than any words this math professor could come up with. Amazingly, Nolan also posted a second blog on his efforts to get our MySpace page up to speed. Now if we could just get that guy to work on our Facebook site … oh, but he’s too busy doing ABSOLUTELY NOTHING for the rest of the summer.

Nolan, we know you can take the ribbing, and you know we still love you.

Troy has posted a few new photos from our day in Miller Park and the incredibly awesome motel in Slinger, Wisconsin we stayed at the past two nights. Daren has done the same here.

We’re off to Detroit tomorrow. We’ll be back soon with another update.

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