Jun 142008

Rosenblatt Stadium Documentary

Our baseball road trip took a minor detour Saturday to the site of the College World Series, where the BaseCrawl crew spent most of the day talking to fans tailgating in the parking lot.

Amazingly, most of the fans camped outside the stadium don’t even have a dog in the fight, so to speak. There’s eight college baseball teams here in Omaha vying for the national title, and most of the fans we talked to root for the Nebraska Cornhuskers, who didn’t even make it to Rosenblatt Stadium (or, for that matter, come close).

Tailgaters at Rosenblatt StadiumA bunch of rowdy tailgaters taught us the art of partying in the parking lot, which will be the eventual subject of our video pod, along with a comparison of the college game vs. the professional. Our rowdy tailgating hosts almost showed us too good of a time, because before we knew it the game we had planned to attend was half over and our beer cups were still half full.

When we asked our newfound friends if they wanted to head into the stadium with us, they responded confusingly:

“Why? To watch the game?”

Wait ’till you see this stuff. We’re off to St. Louis.

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