Jun 112008

Humiliated Royals Fans

Our stop in Kansas City was one of our more pleasant on this basecrawl. Despite watching the home team lose in typical Royals fashion, the two remaining members of this baseball road trip were very impressed with the atmosphere at Kauffman Stadium. Troy was so impressed that he wrote a blog about it that reads more like a love letter.

Aside from baseball, we also enjoyed incredible hospitality from Troy’s second cousins, incredible barbecue from Arthur Bryant’s and incredible history at the Negro Leagues Baseball Museum (which will be the subject of our Kansas City video).

Faithful Royals FansA special thanks goes out to Mr. Doswell, the assistant director of the NLBM, for agreeing to meet with us on short notice. We also need to thank Whitney, Erica and Andrew for the awesome — and free! — tickets to the game, not to mention the drinks and the couches.

Our basecrawl takes a little bit of a detour next as we head to Omaha, Nebraska, for the College World Series.

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