Jun 082008

Mile high line at Coors Field

Seven down, 23 to go.

It seems like we’ve been on our basecrawl for months now, but this journey has barely begun.

We just rocked Denver and pictured above, from left, is Nolan, Steve and Daren sitting at the mile-high line at Coors Field. A row of purple seats rings the upper reaches of this stadium, marking where the elevation reaches 5,280 feet, or 1 mile.

We were joined in Denver by Steve, “Squeek,” Lindsey and Beth. Steve and Squeek are Nolan’s friends from college. They were in town attending the same wedding as Nolan. Lindsey is our longtime friend and overly gracious host. She put us up for three nights in Denver. Beth, as you already know, is the reason the Beatles broke up.

Mile high line at Coors Field

Following Denver’s loss to Milwaukee, Nolan hopped on a plane and went home with Beth. You can read Troy’s blog on Nolan’s departure here, Daren’s here and Nolan’s original post here. Good luck, Nolan. We’ll see you in mid-July at Fenway Park, Shea Stadium and Yankee Stadium.

We have been very busy over the past few days solving a series of technical difficulties that have tempered our fledgling project. You can read a blog about one of those technical difficulties here. But as we turn the corner, expect to see more disciplined updates. If you can figure out how our RSS feed works, that might help, too.

For now, check out Troy’s personal photo gallery. It’s up to date and provides a day-to-day glimpse into our project.

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