Jun 022008

Ballpark Food

Hungry? Hope you brought a lot of money to the ballgame. Nolan, our Key Grip and food conesouir, spent more than $50 on food at Dodger Stadium, which will be the subject of our forthcoming video in our basecrawl series. Nolan wrote about his Dodger Stadium experience here and continues to rate Major League Baseball’s best hot dogs.

Dodger Dog DocumentaryDaren has written a new blog covering the Angels’ Rally Monkey, our overall experience in Los Angeles and the technical difficulties that have been slowing down our fledgling project.

We’re still couch surfing at Troy’s friends’ apartment. Bryan Mansell and Troy have known each other since they were 4 years old. Bryan is now a sound engineer, tour manager and musician. You can check out some of his musical exploits here and here.

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