Jun 012008

road trip to Angel Stadium

It’s all about the Rally Monkey. The Angels put together a 4-3 comeback win Sunday, ending the visiting teams’ basecrawl winning streak at three. It was a ninth-inning rally that put the Angels on top of the Blue Jays, and we spent the day talking to fans about their sacred monkey for the subject of our video on Angel Stadium.

But before the Angels game, we paid a visit to a baseball card show with cameras in tow to see how the business of trading cards has changed in the past two decades. This inspired Troy to blog about the joys of collecting cards during his childhood,
and he now asks: “What happened to my baseball cards?

You can also catch a recap on the Anaheim experience by Nolan here.

If you’ve been perusing our photo galleries or have taken note of the Angels fan pictured above, you may be catching onto the fact that we find fans at every stadium to sign our dry-erase board. In Anaheim, fans are as fond of Danny Glover as they are the Rally Monkey. Glover plays the fictional Angels manager in the Disney Movie “Angels in the Outfield.”

Look for other creative messages from baseball fans over the next two months.

We’ll see you at the Dodgers game.

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