May 292008

Baseball Road Trip Oakland

We rocked Portland for two nights at Troy’s parents’ house before taking I-5 to the Bay Area. We’re currently shacked up in Redwood City with two excellent hosts, Al and Rochelle.

The Oakland A’s (Troy’s favorite team as a kid) laid an egg in their own stadium today, dropping a 12-0 contest to that one Canadian team. Nolan (the math guy) is the only one who has written about it so far, and you can read his latest blog here.

Baseball Road TripCoincidentally, we met some totally awesome guys today who are doing a project similar to ours. They’re hitting all 30 Major League Baseball stadiums this summer, but they’re doing it in 40 days compared to our 75. And they’re focused on raising money for the Livestrong Foundation. Cary Freels, their leader, is attempting to ride his motorcycle to all 30 ballparks. Their project is called 30ONONE and you can learn more about it here.

We’ll be seeing a Giants game in San Francisco on Friday before shipping off to Los Angeles this weekend. Don’t forget to check out our blogs. Each of us are also keeping personal photo galleries which you can click on to your left.

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