May 302008

Baseball sure is a superstitious sport, and we’re starting to wonder whether our basecrawl is having an effect on the outcomes of these games. Last night we watched the Giants lose to the Padres in 13 innings at AT&T Park, making the home teams 0-3 on our basecrawl.

But the game did have its treats. We saw a freaking triple play, and the Giants’ Omar Vizquel was honored for breaking the all-time record for games played at shortstop. To top things off, the game ended with a fireworks show.

San Francisco Road Trip
But we weren’t done with San Francisco so quickly. Daren and Nolan strapped on life jackets, grabbed paddles and jumped in kayaks so they could spend Saturday in McCovey Cove.

City Kayak provided the floating devices while Daren and Nolan provided the entertainment. We can’t wait to show
you the video.

Troy met a very interesting character on the shore of McCovey Cove named Joe Dirt. You can read Troy’s blog about Joe here, and don’t miss Nolan’s recap on San Francisco here. Daren has also written a new blog comparing Oakland with San Franciso and
recapping some of our good-humored trepidation when we met another group of guys hitting all 30 ballparks this summer.

See you in L.A.

May 292008

Baseball Road Trip Oakland

We rocked Portland for two nights at Troy’s parents’ house before taking I-5 to the Bay Area. We’re currently shacked up in Redwood City with two excellent hosts, Al and Rochelle.

The Oakland A’s (Troy’s favorite team as a kid) laid an egg in their own stadium today, dropping a 12-0 contest to that one Canadian team. Nolan (the math guy) is the only one who has written about it so far, and you can read his latest blog here.

Baseball Road TripCoincidentally, we met some totally awesome guys today who are doing a project similar to ours. They’re hitting all 30 Major League Baseball stadiums this summer, but they’re doing it in 40 days compared to our 75. And they’re focused on raising money for the Livestrong Foundation. Cary Freels, their leader, is attempting to ride his motorcycle to all 30 ballparks. Their project is called 30ONONE and you can learn more about it here.

We’ll be seeing a Giants game in San Francisco on Friday before shipping off to Los Angeles this weekend. Don’t forget to check out our blogs. Each of us are also keeping personal photo galleries which you can click on to your left.

May 272008

Mariners Road Trip

Welcome to our basecrawl.

We’re just getting started on this adventure, which will take us to all 30 Major League Baseball stadiums in the next 75 days. We are friends who have postponed adulthood for one more summer to shoot a series of short-form docs on the spectacle of baseball, the psychology of fandom and the perils of traveling. This is a self-produced, self-funded new media/journalism project that you can learn more about by clicking here.

This project is a constant work in progress, so check back from time to time or subscribe to our RSS feed. We eventually will be releasing a series of three- to seven-minute videos that cover all the cities we visit, the cool people we meet and the stories that make America’s pastime unique.

Baseball DocumentaryOur first stop took us to Seattle, where we watched the defending World Champion Red Sox defeat the woebegone Mariners 5-3. It was a great day for Nolan, our Key Grip, who roots for the Red Sox by day and molds young minds by night. Nolan even snuck his girlfriend to the first game of a guy’s road trip. You can read his recap on the experience here.

Our stop in Seattle was also an interesting experience for Troy, who hadn’t seen a Major League Baseball game in at least 17 years. Troy’s last baseball game was in the Kingdome sometime around 1990, and he wrote about his nostalgia for that concrete monstrosity here. Troy also wrote about his unsuccessful attempt to relocate the Kingdome and another blog about his general feelings about our project.

Daren also wrote a nice blog about how this project took shape that you can read here.

More to come …